Sometime, people always have a misconception about Islam. Even muslim people have the wrong perception about their religion. Islam used to be thought by some people as a religion which only focus on specific ritual activities such as solat, fasting, zakat, haj and others. The truth is, Islam is ad-deen which refer as a way of life. Everything we do is all around the circle of Islam. If we truly and sincerely understand the real concept of Islam, we will find that Islam is the only perfect religion or way of life. Instead of the specific ritual activities, Islam thought us about economis, politics system, academic, leadership, health and even science and technology. Islam is the complete religion.
            In order to give to show the real concept of Islam, Persatuan Mahasiswa Islam MSU (PMIMSU) set up a program called “Minggu Penghayatan Islam 2011”. This program was planned with a hope that it would give a good impression about Islam especially among MSU communities. Also with this program, we hope that it will give a good impact and trigger a better wave of da’'wah  within MSU campus.